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  This page is dedicated to our fellow classmates who have passed away.



"There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart. In memory of our departed classmates."
Michael Appleby
Kandy Loann Arnold
Daniel Russell Belding
Michael Black
Michael W. Bourland
Ray Brooks
Danny Paul Brown
Tommy Brown
Cathy Butler
Gregory Alan Codrey
Randy Currier
Deby Despault
Frank Ronald Dickson
Ed Doolittle
Russell Patterson Duncan
Stephen Robert Edlich
Todd W. Eustice
Darrell Feck
Cindy Fine
Phillip D. Gastineau
Jeffrey Gaughan
Dean Gebbs
Blu Gentry
Mary Kay Goodman Carlson
Eric Green
Douglas B. Grovenburg
John Hawes
Bubba Hoff
Calvin Jacobs
James Michael Johnson
Michael A. Keith
Thomas Allan Keith
John Lamb
Anna Looper McCreary
Janet Lundy-Fann
Sheryl (Sherry) Lynn Marrs-Rinehart
Anthony Matthews
Chris McAfee
Michael (Mike) Edward McCurdy
Mark McGilbray
Stephen Louis McNamar
Donna Meadors Terbush
Mason Lee Mitchell
Sheri Molloy Webb
Gregory Scott Moore
Michael A. Moore
Stan Muldor
Mark Music
Margaret E. Nelson
Mark Newell
Christopher Carl Niemeyer
Crista Kathleen Parks-Worrall
Phil Pfankuch
John Roach
Steven B Roach
Lori Robertson Brooks
Ricky Rogers
Victoria Rounds
Anita Raye Smith
Kelly Layne Smythe
Joel Spain
Winona Stafford
Patricia Thomas
Ray Thompson
Leah Thompson McIntosh
Andria Tinsley
Paul Warren
Greg Weiche
Mary Glenn Winfrey
Diane Wood
Lauren York

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