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Hale Class of '75 - 50th Class Reunion
Rangers for Life!

Greetings, Class of '75!

I've been asked to chair the 50th Reunion celebration. I have agreed with the stipulation that our past committee members continue to help us plan for what I believe will be an E.P.I.C. 50th!

So, before I share much, let me pause and say a word of thanks to everyone who has served down through the years. You guys built a great platform for us, and we promise to not let you down! We still need your wisdom and support to help us. Also, we can't have a committee without Mike Goodman. I will be reaching out to Mike soon to ask him to continue to serve on our 50th Committee.

So, a few things. We are punting on trying to hold a make-up for our 45th. Our focus is on the 50th. Let me share a few things now, and I promise more later.

First, our working theme is Rangers For Life! You'll see and hear a lot about this in the coming weeks. I try and make things simple, so here is my acrostic for our E.P.I.C. 50th. These are our initial driving principles...

1. E stands for Excellence which is our standard. We hold an epic celebration that will set the bar for future 50-year reunions! We will use our 50th to remember, honor, and rejoice in how blessed we were to be Hale Rangers.

We celebrate:
Our Past by honoring those who paved the way for us and remembering those Rangers who are no longer with us. And we will celebrate our class wins! We have 3 state championship teams that we will honor throughout our 50th year.

Our Present by honoring what we as classmates have and are accomplishing. We are going to tell our stories!

Our Future by leaving behind a legacy for the next generation of Rangers and enacting a Rangers for Life network providing support and comradery for the rest of our lives.

2. P stands for Politics and the pandemic are off-limits. Friends stay friends. The way to stay friends is to avoid what ruins friendships. The first person I recruited for the new committee never votes the way I do! Who cares? She loves Hale, and so do I.

3. I stands for Inclusive of everyone. I have no interest in a party of the cool. Letís expand the tent.

4. C stands for Connect and Reconnect with every Ranger classmate. No Ranger goes into the future alone! We use our 50th to rebuild a bond that will last our lifetimes. (This is my ultimate goal!) Finally, though, I want us to consider how

5. We give back. Letís make a difference. Let's find ways to help HHS students today experience what we experienced.

Every classmate leaves an event feeling honored, loved, and connected.

We will start the official celebration on or around Memorial Day 2024 and run it through June 2025. The idea is to mirror our Senior Year with events in the Tulsa area and across the country, wherever our classmates are. So, if we hold an event here in Tulsa, classmates in Chicago might gather together similarly. We will connect worldwide with our classmates through local chapters and Zoom meetings.

Any class can put on a party. Letís make a difference and throw a party doing it. Letís use our 50th Reunion as High School Seniors to set the stage for our Senior years by building a Rangers For Life network of support.

I look forward to the journey to our 50th. The party is going to start very soon! Let's make it EPIC!

I am a Ranger For Life,

Mark Brooks
I look forward to hearing back from you and meeting up soon to pick your brain.





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